Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arid Sentinel

Here's a look at my most recent digital painting. I suck at titling artwork and always have this feeling that I fall short of giving works their appropriate appellation. For what it's worth, I'll just title this one simply, Arid Sentinel. Pretty straightforward. It's my most confidently finished piece of digital artwork and will find its place as my first 'portfolio' item.

I also felt like this was a good follow-up post to my introduction from yesterday. I mentioned having come a long way in just a year from starting out as an artist and I hope this painting helps to demonstrate what a lot of focus and study can do for you. I wouldn't consider it perfectwho am i kidding, this shit is awesome but it definitely is a power-up from what I was originally producing. There's no secret to getting to the next level in any skill, you just have to do the damn thing to get good at it.

No virtue is acquired in a vacuum.

Arid Sentinel © 2014 Jonathon Reed

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